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what do you do when your making money like its raining by the buckets and shit is still missing and she was missing more ? So she had gotten hurt on started taking pain meds and surgeries doctor stopped writing with no where to go she started with heroine and my best friend Roman was a former druggie ! Never thinking they were hooking pissed me off when a private detective caught them then the same motel was on credit cards and business credit cards i asked her what the fuck ? She said it was her girl and would stop i said well if you two are hooking ? Man i`d love to watch join in ? I`llll but her nipples were so hard they could break glass , She asks me are you roman ? Sandy`s man ? she hears this Sandy came running i turned grabbed her by her worthless throat and almost choked this bitch out , H M M M ! I said to karen which I dont think its real name cause she didnt answe me back then I knew she was my fiance`s pimp ! she didnt know how many times i was going to fuck her ! I said to my slut go get me 2 blues , so the door opens again i`m like who the fuck Its me ROMAN !! please don`t shut me !! BILL I FUCKED !! I said come back one last time then you be gone or be be gone perminately ! Roman walks back and i`m 8 inches into is beautiful w=WIFE !! he`s like NAOMI WHAT THE FUCK!! i SAID SAY THAT AGAIN MOTHER FUCK WALKED OVER PULLED OUT MY GLOCK 9 AND AIMED IT HAT HIS HEAD THE DAMN THING WENT WHAT A BLAST THROUGH THE WALL I WAS LAUGHING HE HIT THE FLOOR AND NAMOI SAID YOU JUST MADE ME CUM ALL OVER THAT BIG COCK OF YOURS

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