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“I've heard you before, you cum really fast at times, and since we only have a few minutes … How about I finish now and we'll do it again tomorrow, okay?” I quickly nodded at this, growing harder as she put her mouth back down, bobbing her head back and forth very fast now, making my body start to twitch as I grabbed her head, moving it and making her go faster on me until …

“Oh fuck …”

I felt myself release a big load of cum into her mouth, and I could faintly hear her swallowing every bit of it , Fuck the rest of the World and their opinions,

I tried my best, and I know every single story on this site gets at least one flame, so give me your worst, if you must, I know most of it was just Jeremy telling the story, and sorry for that too – I wrote it for the forum and didn't worry about the sex yet

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