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Hentai: Seiyouken Choukyou 3

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“Ohhh gods yes Trish!” Marie moaned out as her daughter licked her pussy and slipped a finger inside, working her knuckle against her mum’s clit as she brought her to a massive orgasm, Marie’s scent adding to the room as her daughter licked up her juice and worked her finger deeper to scoop out the rest of the cum she couldn’t get with her tongue ,

As they got to the bed Kim and Trish, both giggling, took up a spot between April and Marie’s legs respectively, their hands holding open the woman in front of themselves thighs as first Trish then Kim dipped their head’s forwards and took a tentative lick of the dripping pussy in front of them,

Lee walked up behind Kim and April looking down at the highly erotic sight as his oldest sister smiled through a moan at him and let go of her sister’s hair with one hand grabbing his cock and rubbing it, Dawn’s cum still glistening on the shaft and head as April leaned over Kim and took it into her mouth, sucking the tangy cum off the head before licking down the shaft with the tip of her tongue,

He decided it was Kim he wanted to fill up, April seemed to know what he wanted and let go, smiling at him before she moaned out wildly

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