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Hentai: Tatsumaki to Ichakora Sassa

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After making love for what seemed like forever I started to build up my orgasm and I felt her getting tighter around me so I knew she was getting close too “I'm gonna cum jen ” I moaned out ” me too ” she moaned I smiled and went as deep as I could making her orgasm she screamed it out in pleasure her pussy tightening up around  me was all I needed to push my self over the edge as I came moaning load fulling her up with my load it felt amazing like I just won the jackpot but it was much better then that I just found my true love

After resting a while still holding Each other close in pulled out of her my cock now back to soft I looked at her my load dripping out of her as she smiled ” that was amazing jen ” I said to her ” it sure was James it sure was ” she said still coming of her orgasm she sit on the desk  with her hair all messed up but still hot she looked at me getting dressed ” I really enjoyed this James ” she said I looked in her eyes  ” I did to jen it was amazing ” I say as I put on my shirt she grabs a note block and write something on it she stands up and grabs her g string “here is my number call me if you want I wouldn't mind to see you in detention again “she says as she gives the little paper ” and here to remember me ” she says as she hands me her g string I hold it close and lay it aside and kiss her ” I love you jen ” I whisper in her ear she giggles we both get dressed and clean everything leaving no trace of us we walked out the classroom gave a small kiss and walked out own ways I kept her string in my pocket as I walked away hoping to see her again soon the love of my life jenny ,

After the first kiss she wanted more soon we where making out I couldn't believe it I was making out with the hottest teacher in school while I played with her tits and she stroked my cock ! After a few minutes of making out with her loving her cherry flavored lips I broke the kiss ” you can taste it if you like ” I said smiling she didn't think and fell on her knees slowly kissing and Licking the tip looking up to me with those eyes that makes every man's heart melt

After a few more seconds she wanted more and started to suck it hard and deep I just stood there my hands in my neck enjoying my teacher's mouth like a true king I enjoyed every second of it looking down smiling as her , her soft little mouth around my member she keeps looking up to me and tries a few deeptroaths but gags a little she pulls out to breath ” I'm sorry James I can't take it all its such so strong and big “she says looking up to me ” don't worry jenny we will work on that now I want you to take those shorts of ” i say she did not need any more encouragement and dropped them off revealing her G string and Shaven pussy,

When the final bell went I headed over to detention I enter and looked in the class completely empty I looked over to the desk and there sits miss foster wearing the same outfit as always ” miss foster what are you doing here ?” I asked checking out her body from top to toe smiling ” mister Johnson had to go home I will give you detention “she says as she looks over to me with that cute little smile I loved I nodded and took a seat right infront of her

I sat there alone with the hottest teacher ever ! My mind went wild imagining what I could do with her if I could I dreamed about her on her knees then bending over but the truth went different she just sits there starring our of the window a little sad waiting for the detention would be over I noticed it and tried to apologise for letting her stay longer ” I'm sorry miss foster I didn't know you would gave the detention ” I say looking at her “it's okay James you are a good kid it's not your fault I'm just bored “she says as she looks at me

I was still dreaming off what I would do with her so I was fully erect in my pants I wasn't huge but still pretty big and thick 10 inches long and 2,5 thick I could still give girls pleasures some guys did not she noticed the shape of my erection in my pants a smiles a little ” well you know James we are gonna be here a while want to play a game ? “She asks smiling I directly smile and look in her deep blue eyes ” sure what game do you want to play ? ” I asked her ” truth or dare ” she says as she comes to me and sits on the other side of the table ” okay sure you can start miss foster ” I said with a little smile on my face

She thinks for while and says ” I choose truth ” I already knew my answer and asked ” are you a real blond?  “I asked her she giggles a little and answers ” yes I am okay my turn ” she says as I also pick truth ” how many girls did you slept with?  “She asks me I look suprissed and turn red a little ” 4 ” I answer as she smiles and says “not bad James I choose dare ” I tried to give a good answer but I could not help my self ” I dare you to take of your shirt ” I say as I immediately cover my mouth with my hands regretting what I just say ,

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