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Hentai: Vivian Bessatsu 8 – Daruma Denka

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By the time l finished licking and sucking her clit there was a puddle of Tina’s juices on the wood floor under her, Tina told me to lay on my back, she first started sucking and biting my nipples while wanking me then licked her way down to my cock and said if she didn’t like it she will stop and put my cock into her mouth her tongue flicked over the head while still wanking me, l began to let out low moans, Tina stopped sucking my cock too asked if she was doing better than Annie, l put my hand on the back of her head and replied ‘much better’ which seemed to encourage my sister to work her mouth harder on my cock , I was now raising my hips to meet Tina’s downward mouth action, l couldn’t hold it any longer and warned her l was about to shoot my load and held the back of her head to begin filling my sister’s mouth, she did well with her first mouthful of spunk and swallowed what she could then spunk began to dribble from her mouth down her chin l told her to swallow it all, Tina gulped down the mouthful of spunk and admitted it wasn’t as bad as she thought, With a lot of persuasion l talked Sasha into letting me put my jacket over her legs so l was able to get my hand under her skirt to slip a few fingers into her knickers for a good feel of her pussy hole, l couldn’t wait for the film to finish so we might take a little drive and l could see how far Sasha would let me go, I began finger fucking her and that started her juices running, next l slid my tongue between her pussy lips then when l hit my sister’s clit she wriggled and whimpered holding the back of my head tight against her hole, l was finding hard to breathe

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